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About Car Detox

Increase your car mileage with world best Water to Hydroxy ( HHO ) gas technologies. India’s Leading HHO Kits Manufacturer and Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines Experts, Car Detox is India’s Leading Company works on world famous WATER TO HYDROXY (HHO) gas technology. This unique technology works is proven by world’s famous research centers like NASA, ISRO, USA University etc.

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Some important facts

In a better way to clean Car Carbon all over India. A well-maintained car can give you great mileage without any hesitation. However, as the life of the car increases, you may notice a decline in your vehicle’s performance. In that case, car carbon cleaning is a great way to improve the performance of your car.











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How Carbon Cleaning Works?

Car Detox is the best Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine that uses HHO technology to solve your problems. This technique uses electrolysis to split water molecules inside a compound of hydrogen and oxygen to produce HHO (oxyhydrogen) gas. First, the machine is set according to the size of your vehicle’s engine. Then, HHO is transmitted to your car’s engine through your car’s air intake valve. This allows the air and fuel to mix in your engine’s combustion chamber. The combustion of the HHO process takes place inside the engine cylinder when the mixture is ignited.

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Now the question arises, does your car need carbon cleaning?

If we look carefully, diesel and petrol burn fuel to generate electricity, emitting gases from soot. Even though emissions control devices and diesel particulate filters reduce the number of gases emitted into the air, exhaust gases tend to accumulate in your car’s exhaust system and engine. Before the advent of modern fuel oil technology, the car needed to be decarbonized every two thousand miles. In comparison, modern vehicles don’t have to deal with it. But, let’s say it has an advanced emission control mechanism. So, you still need to get a decarbonizing engine service for your car. In general, petrol cars are safer than carbonizing because the fuel cleans the components of your vehicle better. However, many modern cars use the direct injection of gasoline to improve engine efficiency, which is much better. In addition, petrol goes directly to the combustion chamber. Therefore, carbonization is better done without going through the parts of your vehicle. Diesel engine shutdown is most likely because fuel doesn’t burn very well for diesel engines. The exhaust gases are passed back into the combustion chamber for the second burning round in a diesel engine. This causes smoke to accumulate on the parts of your vehicle over time. After passing through the machine, the filter must dispose of the smoke. This results in the accumulation of even more carbon.

How HHO Kits Works

HHO kits are the machine that breaks water (H2O) to molecules by electrolysis and make HHO gas. This gas contains Hydrogen-Oxygen molecules. When we intake this HHO gas in Air-Intake of the engine then it mix with air-fuel in the combustion chamber and burn with it and boost the burning efficiency of the fuel, and helps to burn fuel completely.
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