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Engine Carbon Cleaning Service

Find some of the best Car Detox Engine Carbon Cleaning Service Centre near your location.

Why CarDetox

Let Your Car Run On the Roads Without No Fear Of Black-smoke.

Has your car pickup and mileage decreased?

Mostly seen that the low performance and low mileage for both reason is deposition carbon in the engine.

At that time, It is important to decarbonizing your car engine to increase your car performance.

After successfully decarbonizing your, car fuel burn efficiently & Increase mileage more than 60% with decreasing of pollution level.

Now the question is that how you can assure that your car is fully decarbonized?

For this, you can compare both before & after report.

According to report:-

  1. Pollution level decrease 50% – 80%.
  2. Mileage & Performance also increase.
  3. Car run very smoothly.

If you are facing this type of issue with your car. Feel free to discuss with CarDetox.

CarDetox use modern Decarbonizing technics with this we can easily through out all the carbon accumulated inside the engine without dismantle within 45 min.

For more query, easily chat with our nearest store.

Why CarDetox is the best in Engine Carbon Cleaning Services

Car detox is the first choice of people in India. We are happy to provide our customers with the best carbon cleaning service for your car.

CarDetox promises to give its customers a better experience

24 Hours Support

We have a team for booking your car services at any point of time. Be carefree when leaving your car with us.

Advance Machinery

We have upgraded our Car Cleaning Service Center with the latest European machinery, making both the car and client happy.

Skilled Technicians

CarDetox promises to give you a smooth driving experience by our competent staff.


Popular Questions

Check our latest & popular frequently asked questions

What is HHO gas?

HHO gas or “Brown’s  Gas” or HYDROXY/ OXYHYDROGEN GAS  is obtained by electrolysis of water. Water(H2O)  molecule is broken into two molecules of hydrogen and one oxygen(HHO).

How its work in my bike engine?

Our  HHO on demand kit broke the water molecule and make HHO gas, which goes to bike engine with air and simply improves the combustion process of the fuel. It helps to burn your engine fuel completely. A typical engine wastes up to 80% of the fuel in the form of heat. With the use of a HHO  the combustion is more complete, transferring more energy to motion and power instead of heat.

How HHO Kits Works

Car Detox

HHO kits are the machine that breaks water (H2O) to molecules by electrolysis and make HHO gas. This gas contains Hydrogen-Oxygen molecules. When we intake this HHO gas in Air-Intake of the engine then it mix with air-fuel in the combustion chamber and burn with it and boost the burning efficiency of the fuel, and helps to burn fuel completely.


Wet Cell

Wet cell design is usually designed in a bottle shaped container where water and both electrodes are in the same chamber.

Wet cell gets more Amps than Car Detox dry cell because currant runs in whole chamber of water. The positive electrodes create corrosion as oxygen attacking more surface.


Dry Cell

Each plate of the cell that represents the anode and cathode (electrode) is sealed by a water-tight gasket, or rubber O-ring.

These plates are bolted on together from the dry perimeter edge, using nylon type washers to prevent a shortage of the polarities.


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