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Have you ever noticed what your car undergoes in daily life?

Light Issues– There are approximately 200 light warning codes that our experts check in-depth to let you know precisely why.

A steady drop of pressure in Tyres– After long hours of driving car on highways, it is somewhat possible that tyres may burst due to increased temperature.

Controlling wheel Shaking– Regular checkup of wheel alignment and rotation may help you save your money and add mileage to your car.

These issues prevail when your car has alignment and balancing issues. That gets checked using our Latest European machinery.

Because you cannot align tyres by yourself, you need to take your vehicle to the workshop to correct its deranged frame and shape.

It is of utmost importance that car owners get wheel alignment checks to extend their car’s tyre life as much as possible. Misaligned tyres are much more likely to wear and tear more from one side, which we call camber wear.

Sometimes poor tyres do not allow aligning your car correctly. Even If the new tyres of your vehicle are faulty in some way may cause fluctuation during driving.

By checking tyre rotation you can measure and solve the rotation problem.  But you cannot solve a bad set of tyre right away. So at that time we advise you to get new tyres for your car.

Tyres get worse due to low air pressure so Nitrogen filling is recommended nowadays as nitrogen is light and reduces the tyre burst by 90-95%.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

HHO gas or “Brown’s  Gas” or HYDROXY/ OXYHYDROGEN GAS  is obtained by electrolysis of water. Water(H2O)  molecule is broken into two molecules of hydrogen and one oxygen(HHO).

Our  HHO on demand kit broke the water molecule and make HHO gas, which goes to bike engine with air and simply improves the combustion process of the fuel. It helps to burn your engine fuel completely. A typical engine wastes up to 80% of the fuel in the form of heat. With the use of a HHO  the combustion is more complete, transferring more energy to motion and power instead of heat.

No, you don’t need any cylinder. Our HHO kit is very small (1.5 inch x 5 inch) and very easy to install in any bike. The HHO gas that is being produced by the on demand kit is not stored at all. It is being used as it is produced.  The typical user of an HHO on demand  kit have reported 20% to 50% increases in fuel savings.

You can increase your mileage by 50%. If you traveled on a single tank of fuel 500 km, now to ride 750 or approximately 30% fuel savings.

Our HHO kit run on very low current (0.25 to 0.90 amp only).  Bike’s alternator producing approx 4 amp current when engine start, so HHO kit runs on that current. You can also install our kit in those bikes who don’t have battery or have old battery.

You have to just fill 100ml water after 2000KM runs.

 Kit’s life is minimum 75000 KM. It has one year warranty also.

 In many countries this technology is using from last twenty years but in India its not so popular. No problem for that, we make our system very easy to install. Any bike mechanic can do it with our INSTALLATION MANUAL. Installation manual come with every kit and Installation videos also available.

Installation time only 20 Minute even if mechanic OR you doing it first time.

With our HHO generators do not need pulse modulator, because they are optimized to the point where many times more productive when fed directly to DC (DCV) of the vehicle. Wide-pulse modulation does not work efficiently with HHO generator such as “Dry cell”, the second generation systems and produced since 2008. Frequency modulation is very effective in other types of generators that are technically designed for this purpose.

By turning the key to position the engine shut off system stops producing Brown’s gas engine and adds a few bars to standstill and he has consumed already this gas.

In the winter we use a concentrated electrolyte so as -28 degrees and more, no problem.

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