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Car Detox has standardized systems and processes with best-in-class tools and equipment to ensure the highest level of car cleaning servicing work.

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India’s Leading HHO Kits Manufacturer and Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines Experts
Car Detox is India’s Leading Company works on world famous WATER TO HYDROXY (HHO) gas technology. This unique technology works is proven by world’s famous research centers like NASA, ISRO, USA University etc. After many years Research Company has develop HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine, HHO Carbon Cleaner, HHO kits for Two Wheeler, Three wheeler, Car, and Truck etc. These kits decrease the fuel consumption by up to 60% and also decrease the pollution gases (CO,NOx) up to 80% generated by the engine. Now Thousands of Satisfied Consumers are making us more passionate and Innovative.


Wet Cell

  • Wet cell is 20 Years old technology and now not in trend in entire world
  • The wet cell design is normally design in a bottle shape container where water and both electrodes are in same chamber
  • The wet cell generates more heat due to the electrodes and water are in same chamber
  • Wet cell gets more Amps than Hydro tech dry cell because currant runs in whole chamber of water
  • The wet cell positive electrodes create corrosion as oxygen attacking the more surface
  • To produce more HHO, you need to give more electrolyte and need more big plates which is not possible
  • Wet cell life is half than the Dry cell Models due to Corrosion, more amps and Heat
  • Wet cell need more maintenances due to corrosion
  • Wet cell can generate Steam due to its heating issue
  • Wet cell model cannot be slim and small if required gas is more then 1 LPM

Dry Cell

  • Dry cell is latest design of HHO technology ,now entire world is using the same for HHO production
  • Hydro tech Dry cell are basically the design improvement over wet cell , here we have reservoir and cell apart, and importantly electrodes plate placing is the key factor to generate more pure gas
  • Dry cell Generates less heat than wet cell because here currant runs in the dry cell chamber only
  • HHO dry cell Kits gets less ampears as electricity runs in only cell chamber and gasket not in whole water
  • There is no corrosion in Hydro tech HHO dry cell model
  • The Dry cell can makes any amount of desired HHO due to its chamber facility on less ampears
  • Dry cell Life is double than the wet cell due to its design , less amp and no corrosion
  • Hydro tech dry cell doesn’t need maintainance as wet cell model
  • Hydro tech Dry cell are design specially to run on less amps and no heat