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Is Engine Decarbonisation Essential For Your Car?

We all want our vehicles to be perfect, just as we want our bodies healthy. Although we opt for a lot of diet, medicines, and cosmetic surgeries to keep our body fit, a vehicle’s engine also needs some procedures for proper care. One of such methods, which can claim maximum performance of your car, is engine decarbonization. So, today in this article, we will know engine decarbonization and whether it is necessary for your vehicle?


What is Engine Decarbonisation?

During this process, the experienced mechanic – mechanically removes excessively deposited carbon on the cylinder and then physically ejects the deposited carbon from the combustion chamber and piston valve. There are two types of engine decarbonization – mechanical and chemical:

Mechanical: A trained mechanic first opens the engine during this process, then physically scrapes the cylinder head and blocks the piston. Mechanical decarbonization is highly successful when performed by a better mechanic. But if done by an incapable person, it can be terrible for the engine.

Chemical: During this method, a specialist adds alcohol and terpenes to the conventional fuel supply, which causes the deposited carbon to break down. Then this chemical compound and exhaust gases are expelled. This process dissolves excessive carbon content from the fuel injectors, pistons, crown rings and all other parts of the engine.

The reason for the accumulation of carbon in the engine:

When a bike or automobile engine burns fuel, it releases vast amounts of carbon and smoke by-products. This waste builds up on the engine tube, restricting airflow and causing many problems.

What problems can be caused by carbon deposits in engines:

  • The engine stops running smoothly.
  • The machinability of the vehicle is reduced.
  • The vehicle starts shaking vigorously.
  • The engine is provoked to move.

Benefits of engine decarbonization:

  • It cleans the engine very well.
  • Increases engine performance.
  • Reduces machine vibration and noise.
  • Restores fuel efficiency.


Why is engine decarbonization necessary?

  • Decarbonization is essential to maintaining any vehicle that runs on the engine.
  • Decarbonization is required to ensure optimum functioning and adequate working conditions of an engine.
  • Decarbonization also ensures the safe and smooth operation of vehicles.
  • Decarbonization improves engine effectiveness and keeps the car in good condition.

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