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The advantages of Carbon Cleaning

Gains in Mileage

You could gain between 30% – 50% for most gas/petrol driven cars. Diesel engines can get greater efficiency still, 40% – 70% is not uncommon. The gains are largely dependent on the make of your vehicle and engine size.
engine carbon cleaning increase car power

Increased Power

Your engine will run much smoother with an increase in power of about 10% because of the better combustion, as a result of the combination of fuel and HHO (oxyhydrogen) being burnt together.
clean engine

Cleaner Engine

Carbon deposits will be cleaned out of your engine when using HHO gas. Your car will run smoother and more efficiently with an increase in power. Your spark plugs will never oil up, giving a better spark.
clean environment

Helping the Environment:

When you burn HHO, your emissions will change for the better. Increased Oxygen and decreased harmful carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide gasses will help contribute to a safer cleaner environment.

About CarDetox

India’s Leading HHO Kits Manufacturer and Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines Experts Car Detox is India’s Leading Company works on world famous WATER TO HYDROXY (HHO) gas technology.
This unique technology works is proven by world’s famous research centers like NASA, ISRO, USA University etc.
After many years Research Company has develop HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine, HHO Carbon Cleaner, HHO kits for Two Wheeler, Three wheeler, Car, and Truck etc.
 These kits decrease the fuel consumption by up to 60% and also decrease the pollution gases (CO,NOx) up to 80% generated by the engine.
Now Thousands of Satisfied Consumers are making us more passionate and Innovative.

What Vehicles can be Carbon Cleaned?

Why does Carbon build up in engines?

Carbon is produced due to incomplete combusion in the engine cylinders, and builds up layer upon layer of black, hardened carbon.
This affects the smooth running of the engine and causes many other issues in all types of combusion vehicles like passenger cars, HGVs and even tractors to name but a few. Hybrid vehicles also have feature a combuson engine and therefore will incure carbon build-up in those parts. But how exactly does carbon cleaning work within your engine and is it safe for your vehicle?

How to Prove a Carbon Clean has worked?

As a result of a carbon clean you should feel a noticeable difference afterwards, including these main benefits:

You can also perform an emissions and diagnostics test before/ after the Carbon Clean to see the clear statistical difference.