How is Balancing done?

Balancing is achieved by testing and compensating for any heavy spots on the wheel-tire combination. A massive site is located by putting a weight on the opposite side of the wheel.

How is alignment achieved?

A misaligned tyre is either changed or fitted again, depending on the amount of wear. For this, a suspension system is employed for adjusting the angles on all tyres of vehicles.

What technician checks while servicing your car for Misalignment?

Caster- Specifically, This is the orientation of your steering axis when viewed from the sides. If you have a positive caster, it will tip the steering axis toward the driver. On the other side, a negative caster means the steering axis is tilting toward your car’s front. Toe angle- Toe alignment is the degree to […]

How do Tyres get misaligned?

There are four main reasons for the misalignment of tyres. 1.   When passing vehicles on potholes. 2.   When speeding up your vehicles on speed breakers. 3.   When a car hits something like a pothole, pathways, trees, etc. 4.   The joints and bush start loosing and wear out after some time.  When does your Vehicle’s Tyre […]